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Health benefits of herbs

What many people don't realize is that eating fresh organically grown herbs have great health benefits. Many are like other green leafy veggies and many provide you with vitamins A, C and K, as well as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and mangenese. Some studies have shown some herbs may help prevent some diseases like certain forms of Rhumetiod Arthritis. In my section "About our herbs" I talk specifically about individual herbs, about the history, uses, flavors and health benefits of using them fresh as well as tips on growing them. I am always happy to give advice on growing or using my fresh herbs as well as assistance with recipes. Just pop me an email and I will always try to respond the same day.   

Our Friends

I consider this site to belong to all our Friends and any suggestions or ideas you have to improve it will be gratefully appreciated. If you have advice, recipes, growing tips or any other facts about herbs, veggies or fruit I would love to hear about it and like to publish on "our" site. So many great things can be accomplished by all of us joining together in A Good Food Conspiracy!

A great way to use herbs is by storing them in olive oil or any oil you prefer in glass bottles or jars and infusing the oil with their flavor, which is great when used on pasta or salads. Use your favorite herb or mix of herbs to make different flavors.  Adding fresh whole garlic cloves or bay leaves makes a great addition and adds flavor. Osmin Purple or Red Rubin Basil are beautiful in clear jars when used this way! Save your oil, vinegar or even wine bottles and make these for gifts. Adding ribbon or decorative items can pesonalize this and will be happily recieved. Make sure to top oil off after each use to keep herbs covered with oil at all times and use up and refresh every 8 weeks or so. As long as you keep covered in oil it does not need refrigeration. If storing leftover herbs in the refigerator it is best to but them in a cup of water like you would fresh flowers. Make a fresh cut at bottom of stems as you would flowers to allow the herbs to "drink" and they will stay fresher longer.  :)


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